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Images of NGC Meeting at Kanpur
  • National Ganga Council Meeting at Kanpur | Date: 14-12-2019

  • National Ganga Council Meeting at Kanpur | Date: 14-12-2019

  • National Ganga Council Meeting at Kanpur | Date: 14-12-2019

  • National Ganga Council Meeting at Kanpur | Date: 14-12-2019

  • National Ganga Council Meeting at Kanpur | Date: 14-12-2019

  • National Ganga Council Meeting at Kanpur | Date: 14-12-2019

Videos of NGC Meeting at Kanpur
  • National Ganga Council Meeting at Kanpur | Date: 14-12-2019

National Ganga Council
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Work Progress as on 19-10-2021 of Departments in compliance of 1st National Ganga Council Meeting Decisions
Sl. No. Decision
18(i) Namami Gange mission should laed and transform into a model for sustainable economic development –“Arth Ganga” to integrate people in the basin with Ganga rejuvenation. The key role in this needs to be played by sectors such as agriculture, Tourism and Energy. Attempt should be made to develop it in a way to harness 3% of GDP from Arth Ganga. Ministry of Finance and Niti Ayyog also need to contribute in developing this model. There is a need to develop a comprehensive data base.
Progress by Departments: Agriculture Department | 
18(ii) Ganga is such a great heritage of our country. There are several pilgrimage areas, places of historical & cultural importance, archaeological sites and limitless natural beauty. Some of these places also provide opportunity for adventure, spending time with nature. We have to give utmost respect to the visitor’s deep faith and astha in holy Ganga and simultaneously develop models of composite tourism catering to adventure, water sports activities. Eco tourism, River tourism need to be planned and proper tourist circuit along Ganga need to be developed to improve people connect with Ganga.There could be several examples of such hybrid tourism model-wildlife tourism with river cruise tourism,water sports/ camping facilities along places of pilgrimage for catering to young and old alike. The income generated can be a source for supporting ganga rejuvenation activities.
Progress by Departments: Tourism Department | 
18 (iii) Ganga Nurseries could be developed by Agriculture and Forest Departments by involving women Self Helf Groups, Ex-Service Men and others. To start, at least 100 Ganga Nursries should be set up. Fruit bearing trees should be planted along 5 kilometer width of Ganga River. They should be planted first on the dmarcation line and slowly increase in extent by moving inside. The entire value chain from Nursery to fruit processing need to be palnned. Adequate processing facitlities should be developed to encourage 'Ganga Products' in niche market by suitably branding them. In these areas, Cycle track, Walking track etc. should also be planned to link tourism. Such efforts will generate sustainable income to people along Ganga River as an example of Arth Ganga model.
Progress by Departments: Agriculture Department |  Forest Department |  Horticulture Department |  Rural Development Department | 
18(iv) A corridor of 5 to 7 KMs on both sides of Ganga should be developed for organic farming. Riverbed farming should be restricted to organic farmic. Farmers along Ganga River should be encouraged to take up sustainable agriculture practices including Zero Budget Farming and they should be trained in Zero budget farming.
Progress by Departments: Forest Department | 
18(v) CAMPA funds would be used for afforestation along Ganga, development of Ganga Nurseries and allied activities. This should be top priority for all.
Progress by Departments: Forest Department | 
18(vi) Wetland conservation needs to be attended on priority. Special conservation program should be taken up for Gangetic Dolphin which is national aquatic animal and also indicator species for Ganga spread over several States of Ganga Basin.
Progress by Departments: Forest Department | 
18(vii) Hon'ble PM mentioned that there is need for new thinking for 'River Cities'. There is need for cities to ask, 'What can we do for the rivers?, Learning from experiences of Namami Gange, there is need for a new river centric thinking in planning for cities on the banks of rivers. The city master plan, at present, does not adequately address this. The river health need to be mainstreamed into urban planning process by developing Urban River Management Plans. Cities should be responsible for rejuvenating their rivers. It has to be done not with the regulatory mindset but with developmental and facilitatory outlook.
Progress by Departments: Urban Development Department |  Awas Vikas Department | 
18(viii) Expressing concern over lack of processing capacity of municipal solid waste in Ganga towns with actual capacity underutilization being less than 10% of generation of solid waste, Hon'ble PM directed to work in mission mode to significantly enhance the processing capacity in Ganga river towns. River floodplains must not be used as dumping yard for city waste.
Progress by Departments: Urban Development Department | 
18(ix) There is a need to reuse and recycle the Solid & liquid waste developed suitable revnue models and state policy for long term sustainiblity. A task force should be set up to study the global and national successful models and best practices to utiize by products, look at end to end management and disposal systems and suggest appropriate system.
Progress by Departments: Urban Development Department | 
18(x) Need for special toilets for flood areas, biodigester technology should be studied and suitable guidelines developed.
Progress by Departments: Rural Development Department | 
18 (xi) Power Ministry should work on full utilization of treated waste water along Ganga river by Power Plants. Status of actual implementation of policy of the Ministary regarding utilaization of treated waste water in power plants should be informed in about a month's time.
Progress by Departments: Power Department | 
18(xii) Effort to standardize various processes for projects in Namami Gange Should is continued including rationalization the SoRs for different items for different stretches.
Progress by Departments: Urban Development Department | 
18(xiii) Pace of implementation of pollution abatement projects including household connections needs to be further increased. Utilization of funds has improved in last three years, but still a large amount out of overall allocation is available which should be appropriately utilized. Capacity of ULBs and executing agencies need to be improved.
Progress by Departments: Urban Development Department |  Namami Gange Department | 
18 (xiv) There should be a functional organic linkage between National Mission for Clean Ganga, State Ganga Committees and District Ganga Committees with aligned thinking and program of action. State Ganga committee should ensure effective coordination among all line departments at the State level and make sure that District Ganga Committees meet regularly, update district Ganga plan and complete Gnaga Safety Audit.
Progress by Departments: Namami Gange Department | 
18 (xv) Ministry of Jal Shakti and Niti aayog should set up a dgital dash board for effective and real time monitoing of activities taken up by Ganga Villages and Urban Local bodies as well as District Ganga Committees.
18 (xvi) A competitive ranking framework should be developed to evaluate the performance of the Ganga River District, Towns and Villages. A category for Ganga districts should be included in the Civil Services day awards to recognise the good performance.
18 (xvii) People from all walks of life from all over the country should be involved for Swachh Ganga Seva. The 2500 KM stretch of Ganga may be suitably divided and the Union Ministers may be requested to visit a particular stretch, stay in villages, participate in cleanliness drive, undertake educational and public outreach programs and motivate public at large. State Ministers, MPs, MLAs, eminent local persons may also be invited to join and contribute towards Ganga Rejuvenation. Chief Ministers may also independently decide to stay on the banks of Ganga for few days. This will help in connecting the whole country with this cause.
18 (xviii) NCC, NSS, NYKS, Lions club, Rotry club and many other such organisations could be involved this effort. Pad Yatra, Cycle Yatra and Rath Yatra could be organised along river Ganga to encourage people’s participation (Samaj Ko Jodna). School/Collage curriculum should include topics such as river rejuvenation and water conservation.
Progress by Departments: Namami Gange Department |  Education Department | 
18 (xix) All Ganga distcrict shuld be made focus area for monitoring various developments under Namami Gange programme on lines of the aspirational district programm. NITI aayog to provide required assistance in developing this framework.
18 (xx) Special campaigns in Ganga village through interventions of different departments should be made. The message should be that the country cares for their village as they are lacated on the bank of Ganga. This will, in turn, motivate the villagers to be more responsible toward Ganga and its conservation. Examples of such campaign could be (a) Cattl Vaccination camps under National Animal Disesase Control Program (Ministry of Fishries, Animal Husbandary and Dairying, States) and (b) Medical Camps and effective implementation of Health and Wellness Center and PM Janarogya Yojna in Ganga Villages.
Progress by Departments: Health Department |  Dairy Department |  Fisheries Department |  Animal Husbandry Department | 
18(xxi) Input should be taken from the two states (Jharkhand and West Bengal) who were not represented in the first NGC Meeting.
Progress by Departments:
18(xxii) National Ganga Council should meet more often. These meetings should be held in one of the Ganga Bank Towns. Senior Officers from States and Central Ministries may also be invited for the NGC Meetings. In the next meeting, States as well as Central Ministries be asked to make presentations before NGC
Progress by Departments:
18(xxiii) NMCG and Department of water resources, river development and Ganga rejuvenation should coordinate with all departments /ministries and states and monitor progress on different action points.
Progress by Departments: